Limped Jacketed Tank


Limped Jacketed Tank Suppliers

Leveraging on our vast manufacturing facilities, we are engaged in manufacturing and exporting durable range of Limped Jacketed Tank. Manufactured utilizing mild steel, SS 304, titanium and other raw materials, these pressure vessels are perfect to be used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries. To cater varied requirements of our clients, we are offering these pressure vessels in different capacities ranging up to 50 KL. Before final shipment, this Limped Jacketed Tank is checked on predefined parameters by our quality controllers.

The amount of heat transferred through a glass-lined wall is generally determined by the available heat transfer area of the vessel, the heat transfer coefficient of the glass-lined steel wall and the median temperature difference between product and Limped Jacketed Tank Suppliers. The total heat transfer coefficient (K-value) depends on the heat transfer coefficient between product and jacket, the wall thickness of the steel vessel, the thickness of the glass layer and the thermal conductivity of the steel and glass materials.

Limped Jacketed Tank Manufacturers

Glass-lined reactors are special in that the thermal conductivity of the steel wall is 45 times higher than that of the glass layer. The K-value, and as a result the amount of heat transfer, are therefore largely limited by the glass layer. The use of properly designed mixing systems can optimize heat transfer on the product side. Realistically, the heat transfer coefficient can be improved by up to 30% just by designing the mixing system properly by Limped Jacketed Tank Manufacturers. With older reactors, the replacement of the mixing system represents a simple option to optimize heat transfer, reduce process times and save energy.